Selling Supplements On Amazon In 2024: New Compliance Requirements

Jun 3, 2024

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Selling supplements on Amazon has become a golden opportunity for vendors looking to reach a vast audience hungry for health and wellness products.

However, as 2024 approaches, new compliance requirements are set to change the game. Navigating these changes can be daunting, but you’re not alone. Beaconpoint Labs, an accredited lab, is here to help, offering advanced testing services to ensure your supplements meet Amazon’s latest standards.
Let’s dive into what these new rules mean for your business and how staying compliant can boost your success on this massive platform.

Understanding Amazon’s Compliance Landscape

Understanding Amazon’s compliance landscape for supplement sales is crucial for sellers looking to succeed in this competitive market.

Traditionally, Amazon has maintained stringent guidelines to ensure that products sold on its platform are safe. This emphasis on compliance has protected consumers and established a framework within which sellers operate.

Over the years, as consumer interest in dietary supplements has surged, Amazon has tightened its regulations to match the evolving industry standards and government health policies.

Amazon has tightened its compliance requirements for dietary supplements sold on its platform, specifically targeting sexual enhancement, sports nutrition/bodybuilding, and weight management products.

Effective from a recent announcement on April 2 and further detailed in an April 17 webinar, products in these three categories must now undergo third-party testing and verification before being listed for sale.

For these three categories only (sexual enhancement, sports nutrition/bodybuilding, and weight management products), three testing firms — Eurofins, UL Solutions, and NSF International — can provide this certification, or another lab can submit data to your chosen Amazon Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) organization.

These new rules do not apply to other categories sold on Amazon, and Beaconpoint Labs can continue to provide your third-party testing directly to Amazon, as usual, in all other product categories.

The new policy demands that products be manufactured in facilities adhering to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) as defined by the FDA, which include being free from harmful contaminants, listing all ingredients accurately, and excluding undeclared active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). This initiative echoes concerns from the U.S.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has previously flagged these categories (sexual enhancement, sports nutrition/bodybuilding, and weight management) for potential safety issues, such as undeclared pharmaceuticals and dangerous additives.

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The FDA has issued warning letters to Amazon and several supplement companies, emphasizing the risks posed by certain ingredients, including undeclared ED drugs in sexual enhancement products and steroids in muscle-building supplements. This move by Amazon aims to enhance consumer safety and ensure regulatory compliance.

Consumers are becoming more health-conscious and discerning about what they consume, and they rely heavily on a seller’s compliance to determine the quality and safety of supplements.

Partnering with an accredited testing lab can be a game-changer for seamlessly navigating these compliance waters.

New Compliance Requirements for 2024

1. Labeling:

The new rules demand more detailed labeling, requiring that all ingredients be listed with their specific quantities. Unlike previous regulations, which allowed some leeway in listing trace ingredients, now every component must be clearly stated. This change aims to eliminate ambiguity, giving consumers a clear insight into what they consume.

2. Ingredients:

Amazon imposes stricter controls over ingredients, especially those that could cause health issues. Any supplement sold on the platform must list all ingredients and prove that each is permitted under current health regulations.

This is a significant shift from earlier rules that were more generalized and less stringent about ingredient approvals.

3. Marketing Claims:

Perhaps the most impactful change involves marketing claims. In 2024, Amazon will require that all health claims made by supplements be backed by scientific evidence.

This is a stricter stance than before, where some generalized claims could pass without direct substantiation.

Now, claims related to health benefits must include references to clinical trials or scientific studies that support them, ensuring that unverified assertions do not mislead consumers.

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Steps to Ensure Compliance

Step 1: Review and Revise Your Labels

Start by reviewing your current product labels. Make sure that every ingredient is listed clearly and in its quantity.

Transparency is key—consumers should be able to understand precisely what they are consuming without looking up additional information. Adjust your labels to reflect this level of detail, ensuring they meet the new requirement for full disclosure.

Step 2: Verify Ingredient Compliance

Next, verify that all the ingredients in your supplements are approved for use. This might require some homework, but it’s crucial.

Check the latest health and safety regulations to confirm that each ingredient is still permitted. If you’re unsure, consider consulting with a specialized lab like Beaconpoint Labs, which can help validate your product’s ingredients and ensure they meet necessary standards.

Step 3: Substantiate Your Marketing Claims

Marketing plays a huge role in selling supplements on Amazon, but every claim you make now needs to be backed by scientific evidence. Review your marketing materials and remove any claims that cannot be substantiated by clinical trials or scientific research.

This includes everything from the product packaging to online descriptions. Ensuring that your claims are accurate and not misleading will build long-term customer trust.

Step 4: Regular Compliance Checks

Finally, make compliance an ongoing part of your business strategy. Regularly review your product listings and marketing strategies to ensure they adhere to Amazon’s guidelines. Staying proactive about compliance can prevent future issues and help keep your listings active.

Tools and Resources for Compliance

1. Software Tools for Compliance Management

Several software solutions are designed specifically to help Amazon sellers manage compliance. For instance, compliance software can automate the tracking of regulatory changes and ensure your product listings are always up to date.

These tools often come with features that alert you to necessary updates in your product descriptions, labels, and marketing claims, making it easier to maintain compliance without constant manual oversight.

2. Labs Specializing in Amazon Compliance

If you want more personalized assistance, consider partnering with Beaconpoint Labs.

The team can help with everything from initial product testing and certification to ongoing compliance audits.

3. Amazon Resources and Pages to Monitor

Amazon provides many resources to help sellers understand and meet compliance requirements.

Regularly visiting Amazon Seller Central is a must, as it features updates on policy changes, training tools, and guidelines for product listings. The Amazon Help pages also contain detailed product safety and compliance sections that are invaluable for supplement sellers.

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Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them

1. Keeping Up with Regulatory Changes

The most frequent issue sellers encounter is staying updated with the fast-paced changes in compliance regulations. It can be overwhelming, especially for smaller businesses without dedicated legal teams.

Practical Tip:
Automate and Educate

To stay ahead, consider using regulatory compliance software that automatically updates you about changes relevant to your products. Additionally, regularly participating in webinars and training offered through Amazon Seller Central can keep you informed and proactive.

2. Ingredient and Labeling Compliance

Another significant hurdle is ensuring all ingredients are approved and accurately labeled according to the new rules. This often requires reformulating products to meet standards.

Practical Tip:
Partner with Experts

Collaborate with compliance experts or Beaconpoint Labs to verify that your ingredients and labels meet Amazon’s stringent requirements. These partnerships can save you time and protect you from costly mistakes.


3. Marketing Claims

Marketing supplements without running afoul of new compliance requirements regarding health claims can be tricky. Amazon is cracking down on unsubstantiated claims, which can jeopardize your listings.

Practical Tip:
Substantiate Claims

Ensure that all health claims on your products are supported by scientific evidence. Partnering with Beaconpoint Labs can help you substantiate your claims. Maintain a dossier of supporting research for each claim you make, available for review if challenged.

Success Story: OmegaWellness

Take inspiration from OmegaWellness, a supplement company that revamped its entire product line ahead of the 2024 regulations.

By working with a compliance consultant, the company successfully navigated the changes, resulting in a 40% increase in sales due to enhanced consumer trust and improved product visibility.

By understanding these challenges and implementing these strategies, you can effectively manage the complexities of compliance and continue to thrive on Amazon’s platform.

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Navigating New Compliance Requirements With Beaconpoint Labs

As we’ve explored, Amazon’s 2024 compliance requirements for selling supplements on Amazon are crucial for maintaining a successful online presence.

These changes emphasize transparency in labeling, ingredient safety, and substantiation of marketing claims. Taking proactive steps now is key to navigating these waters confidently.

Consider partnering with Beaconpoint Labs to ensure your products meet compliance standards. Beaconpoint Labs is fearlessly transparent in delivering accurate test results and a collaborative customer experience while advancing innovation in testing. By prioritizing these requirements, you safeguard your business and enhance consumer trust.Stay informed, stay compliant, and watch your business thrive in Amazon’s dynamic marketplace. Let’s embrace these changes and prepare for success together!


What are the major changes in Amazon's supplement compliance requirements for 2024?
Amazon’s 2024 compliance updates focus on stricter ingredient transparency, precise labeling, third party testing, and substantiation of marketing claims. Every ingredient must be listed, and any health claim made must be supported by scientific evidence to enhance consumer safety and trust.
How can I ensure my supplement labels meet Amazon's 2024 requirements?
Review and update your labels to include all ingredients with their respective quantities. Ensure that the language is clear and all claims are verifiable. Regularly checking Amazon’s Seller Central for updates on labeling standards can help keep your product compliant.
What should I do if my supplements contain ingredients that Amazon does not approve?
Immediately cease sales of those products and consult a compliance expert or testing lab – Beaconpoint Labs – to verify which ingredients are problematic. Consider reformulating your products to replace or remove unapproved substances.
How can I substantiate the health claims on my supplements?
Gather and organize clinical research or scientific studies that support your product’s health claims. Have your product tested by Beaconpoint Labs to substantiate your claims. Documentation should be robust, directly linking your claims to the evidence. Keeping this information readily accessible for review if Amazon queries your listings is crucial. You should also do a third party testing on the products to substantiate claims on the supplements.
Where can I find resources to stay updated on Amazon’s compliance changes?
Amazon Seller Central is your primary resource for the latest compliance updates. Additionally, engaging with professional compliance consultants or subscribing to industry newsletters can provide ongoing support and insights into navigating Amazon’s evolving marketplace requirements.